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About Us

RISE was created with a target: to create customized products with superior quality than those we found in the market and to create CASEMOD solutions that do not exist in the market.

When we started with our company we didn´t think about how it could be risky or how difficult it would be to maintain an industry in Brazil Brazil (RISE is a 100% National industry).

Every innovation is created by the uncontrollable desire to break with something pre-established and ours is to personalize any type of component or peripheral that is within our reach.

In our company, we just think about making the best accessories, the most beautiful, with the better quality and the best performance.

A solution for each problem, a customization for each player. We do whatever is necessary in the way it should be done; we think on every detail and use the best materials for each product. We use acrylic transparency to create transparent case sides and let the components inside exposed, its rigidity and perfect finishes to create our headset holders and their durability to create our innovative video card stands and our Cover PSU line.We select the best non-slip rubbers and Fibertek® surface to produce spectacular and high-performance mousepads, (we value every millimeter of movement). We look for the best suppliers and the best laser cutting machines to produce our LED Strips.

If you need any component or peripheral and can´t find it: We do it for you!

Rise Team



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